CSS Result 2022 List of Pass Candidates Download PDF

A lot of people took the first test and did well on the writing part. The FPSC has now given its last piece of advice. The final list of students who have made it to the asking stage has been made by FPSC. Candidates can find a PDF of the CSS approved writing result list on the official website, www.fpsc.gov.pk. Enter your right CNIC number and click “Search” to see your FPSC Final CSS Result 2023 and save it to your computer. CSS Result 2022 List of Pass Candidates Download PDF download from our website.

CSS Result 2023 List of Pass Candidates

Those who did well on the written test were either called in for interviews or told about it in another way. Now that the final idea is out in the open, the FPSC has decided on the names of the candidates who will be interviewed. This is a very important step on their path to becoming CSS.

CSS 2022 Result

The information shows that 3,9630 people signed up for the CSS Competitive Exam for the Federal Public Service in 2023.FPSC has decided on the names of the students who will be quizzed. In the PDF format, you can see the list of people who passed the written CSS test.

CSS Result 2022 Final List

The final list has been released by the federal public service commission. Candidates can download the result of the final selected candidates from this website.

CSS 2022 ( FinalĀ  Result ): Announced By FPSC
Total Candidates Applied : ( 32059 )
Candidates Appeared : ( 20262 )
Candidates Passed : ( 393 )
Candidates finally qualified: 374
Candidates recommended for appointment : 237
Pass percentage : (1.85 )

CSS Result 2022 List of Pass Candidates PDF

People who took the CSS are encouraged to check this site often to find out how they did. The Federal Public Service Commission is a part of the federal government that is in charge of hiring people to work in federal offices and ministries. People should know the results of the Special MPT in May or June 2023.

FPSC CSS Result 2023

As soon as the CSS 2023 test was over, candidates were eagerly waiting for the FPSC to announce the final result. On June 9, 2023, the FPSC made public the written result, the final result, and the final recommendation for the CSS 2023 test.

FPSC CSS Result 2022

Before we talk about the CSS Final Result for 2023, let’s take a quick look at what happened in 2022. The CSS Result was released by the FPSC in 2022. It showed that 237 people had passed the test. Only 146 men and 91 women out of the 20,262 people who took the CSS test were able to do this amazing thing. The fact that only 1.85% of people passed shows that the CSS test is very hard.

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